Brussels Transport Ltd.

As the map above shows, our destinations include most of Canada and a good portion of the United States. We travel as far west as Alberta, as far east as Nova Scotia and as far south as Tennessee. If you have a destination in mind that you don't see on the map please don't hesitate to give us a call, we can likely make it work!

  • Two licensed motor vehicle inspection stations (one in Dublin and one in Brussels), each with a licensed mechanic on-site.
  • Two bay wash facilities at each yard used for hot water pressure washing and foam disinfection application.
  • Two livestock assembly barns (one in Dublin and one in Brussels). We receive pigs from producers throughout southwestern Ontario and assemble full loads to be delivered to slaughter plants in Ontario, Quebec and the United States. The barn is also used to assemble loads of sows, boars and cull pigs on Mondays through Thursdays, which are then delivered to Zantingh Swine in Wyoming, ON. This assembly barn benefits those swine producers that have less than a full load of pigs needing to be shipped.
  • A wash bay at a separate location used to ensure sanitized trailers and absence of contaminants.

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  • Five 31 foot tandem straight trucks. Four of these have hydraulic lift floors that make it easier and safer to load small pigs on the top deck.
  • Four 53 foot two-deck trailers used primarily for hauling feeder pigs. One of these has a hydraulic lift floor.
  • Five 50 foot tandems and twenty-four 53 foot tri-axle trailers. Four of these have a fourth deck used for accomodating larger loads over longer distances.
  • One five-axle dump trailer and two super B hoppers used for hauling agricultural commodities throughout Ontario.
  • Two flatbed trailers used for hauling general freight.
  • Three 53 foot tandem dry vans.
  • Four livestock/freight convertible tri-axle cable deck trailers. These trailers have the distinct benefit of being capable of hauling both livestock and freight. After hauling livestock, the trailers are washed out and completely disinfected before being converted for hauling freight. Pictured below is a trailer that has been prepared for freight transport. As you can see, panels are used on the outside of the trailer to prevent weather damage to the cargo. These trailers are even better for hauling freight than dry van trailers because they've been sanitized prior to shipping.

At Brussels Transport we require that all of our drivers receive Transport Quality Assurance (TQA) certification. This program is designed to make swine handlers aware of the potential impacts their actions can have on the well-being of the pigs they are transporting, as well as the quality of the pork received from those pigs. It teaches our drivers the safest and most appropriate methods for loading, transporting and unloading your pigs, thus providing you with some extra assurance that your pigs will get to their destination safely. One of our staff members remains trained as a TQA Advisor so that our drivers are always receiving up-to-date training.